It's also beautiful to paint devastating: revisionism by Paul us Spijkers

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During my college days (1985-1989), I, Paulus J.J. Spijkers LL.M. (1961, 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands), studied the science of law at Universiteit Leiden (Leiden University, The Netherlands).

In 1988, I was in Gainesville, Florida, United States of America, for a course at University of Florida, College of Law, together with 24 other Leiden students. During that period, in Dalí Theatre-Museum in Saint Petersburg (Florida), I looked at a painting by Salvador Dali, 'La noia dels rulls (1926)' [The girl from Ampurdán] and thought: "It is mysterious to look at the back of that girl!"; "What kind of building is it, with the three windows?"; and "Why has one stone been made visible?". After that, I looked at Dali's 'Torero alucinogeno (1968-1970)' [The hallucinating bullfighter] and thought: "I séé a hallucinating bullfighter!". After I talked with someone about the painting, I wondered: "Has the drinking Dalmation been made visible?"; and "Is the little sea scout invisible to me?". During my Florida season, I went back to the museum once, and then thought: "I want to do that too!". I did two courses at University of Florida.

In 1989, I took a certificate to prove that I have passed my Master's in Fiscal Law in Leiden, with the judicium: without any problem. In the years 1989-1990, I had a temporary employment contract as assistent-tax counsellor at KPMG Meijburg & Co, Rotterdam, The Netherlands. In 1990, I left The Hague, my residence then, to live in Oss, in which city in The Netherlands I now have a house with a studio.

I didn't know what had come over me (in Florida). Anyhow, in 1991, I suddenly felt a strong urge to paint. I then painted 'Die näherbringende Frau' [The giving woman].

On March 1st, 1993, I was appointed acting clerk of the court at Court of Justice in 's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands. There I started at the division for fiscal cases. Whereas, also at the court, I could concentrate on criminal cases, the idea became stronger, that the [formal] jurisdiction could not offer the chances to bring permanent conformity with my ideas concerning right and those of the Dutch justice (then). In 2015, I was honourably discharged from service at that place. In the meaning period, I kept on painting.

On March 16th, 2020, after breakout of the coronavirus, I completed the painting 'Subliminal night'.

My only way of painting is the reproduction of revisionism: a manner to show progressive timelessness.

Since 2015, I am a member of the artistic society K26 in Oss, The Netherlands.

El cinco Vivo!

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